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Shenzhen Qiongming Assembly Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on new metal composite materials, which integrates research, development, production and sales. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the production base is located in Huizhou. The company wins the trust of customers with leading technology, superior quality and thoughtful service. Adhering to the R&D concept of "people without me, people with me excellent", based on the functional, humanized and intelligent product development line, we strive to create more excellent, environmentally friendly new metal composite materials.

Shenzhen Qiumeng passed the ISO 9001:2008 international quality certification system and ISO 14001:2004 international environmental management certification system; the company's products passed the GB/T8624-2012 fire A level, GB/T9978-2008 fire two-hour testing, GB/T19889.3-2005 sound insulation and noise reduction reached 6 levels, after GB 18584-2001 testing formaldehyde ethylbenzene content qualified products, through《 Radionuclide Limits of Building Materials "GB6566 - 2010 Detection. He has won many national patent certificates and invention patents for appearance and utility models.

Since its inception, Shenzhen Qiongming has set up the goal of building a century-old enterprise and a world-class enterprise, forging its own products with the spirit of craftsmen; adhering to the business philosophy of "loyalty, rigor, efficiency and innovation", honest management, word-of-mouth transmission, won the favor of the vast number of users, and has been steadily moving forward. The felling is developing. Participated in: Shenzhen Metro Line 3, Tencent Shenshan Cloud Computing Data Center, Ningxia Cloud Base Computing Center, Amazon Cloud Computing Center, Harbin Taiping International Airport, Ningbo Bank, Xiamen Southeast International Shipping Center Headquarters Building and other projects, accumulated in the process of providing products and services for these projects. A great deal of valuable experience has been accumulated.

Shenzhen Qiongming Products Service Scope: Mainly serves the computer centers of state ministries, government administrative organs, banks, insurance, securities and other financial institutions, as well as high-end office buildings; hospitals, schools, scientific research institutes, civil aviation, subway and other transportation stations; professional laboratories or R&D centers; Convention and Exhibition centers, sports venues, commerce. Street, high-end clubs and star hotels; Telecom, Mobile, Unicom and the State Grid.